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TAB Star Striker
Channel Silver - Email Marketing, Industry Bronze - Other - B2C
Skinny Marketing
Entrant Credits
Andrew Kay
Nominee Credits
Luke Butterfield, Karl Tily, Simon Jarvis, Luke Butterfield, Karl Tily, Simon Jarvis
Entry Rationale
The TAB had a big challenge – to engage their customers in the Football World Cup 2018 (FWC). There were a couple of problems – the event was predominantly played in the middle of the night while most Kiwis were sleeping, and there was no New Zealand involvement as the All Whites failed to qualify.

So how did they increase customer engagement with the FWC? By creating a digital football related game call TAB Star Striker, which gave their customers the opportunity to take shots at goal for every qualifying bet they placed each day during the tournament.

For every day that a customer placed a qualifying FWC related bet, they received an invite to play their TAB Star Striker entries and take their shots at goal. Every goal they scored equated to a $5 prize to be added to their TAB account.

The game was designed with mobile optimisation as a top priority. The TAB knew up to 70% of entries would be played on mobile devices. And no matter what device you were playing on, the design of the website was enabled to perform at a high creative level.

TAB Star Striker was extremely successful at engaging TAB customers and encouraging them to bet more often on the FWC. The game created a 27% uplift in FWC bets over the control group. 

TAB Star Striker also had some fantastic results for email engagement with average unique open rates of 49.28% and average unique click through rates of 42.12%. Finally, TAB Star Striker returned an impressive ROI of 167%, making the budget go much further and deliver far greater results.