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TAB Free Kick at $5 Million
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Entrant Credits
Andrew Kay
Nominee Credits
Luke Butterfield, Karl Tily, Simon Jarvis, Luke Butterfield, Karl Tily, Simon Jarvis
Entry Rationale
The TAB had a big challenge – to get the New Zealand public interested in a major sporting event – the Football World Cup 2018. There was a big problem – the tournament was predominantly played in the middle of the night while most Kiwis were sleeping. In addition, there was no New Zealand involvement as the All Whites had failed to qualify.

So how do you get Kiwis excited for the Football World Cup and have them bet on it? With a prize of $5 million! Just pick the right result of all 64 games played at the Football World Cup and the entire $5million was yours.

Anyone over the age of 18 with a New Zealand mobile phone could enter and didn't need to be a TAB account customer. The TAB anticipated a reasonable list of prospective customers that could potentially convert and bet on the tournament, an acquisition opportunity not to be missed.

TAB Free Kick was extremely successful at acquiring a new group of customers who were highly engaged throughout the Football World Cup. These new customers bet 35% more frequently than the average bettor.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup was the world’s biggest competition, but as most games were televised in NZ between the hours of midnight and 7am, and with no New Zealand team in the tournament, the TAB anticipated the majority of their audience would not be watching the games live – which would affect betting behaviours.

Despite these challenges, Free Kick helped the TAB meet their overall customer numbers and play days target. They achieved massive increases of 50% for customer numbers and an increase of 34.75% for customer play days compared to the 2014 Football World Cup tournament.