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Guiding The First Home Buyer
Industry Silver - Financial Services
Vanguard 86
Stephanie Murray Mortgages
Entrant Credits
Thomas Emmerson, Laura Crombie
Nominee Credits
Stephanie Murray, Dave Fleming
Entry Rationale
The mortgage advisor market is filled with dominant competitors, both in traditional banking institutions and household name brands. As a relatively new entrant to the market, Stephanie Murray Mortgages (SMM) needed to cut through the noise in a way that matched their personable and friendly brand reputation.

SMM offer mortgage brokering services, and specialise in working with individuals who are looking for personalised solutions suited to their specific circumstances. They liaise with various mortgage providers to gain more suitable mortgage terms for their clients. SMM is one of the fastest growing mortgage brokering businesses in the North Island; yet they are much smaller than the large named banks they compete with.

SMM had ambitious plans for growth, so needed a cost-effective way to increase their brand awareness in the North Island and generate good quality sales leads.

Due to the challenges first home buyers are facing in the current New Zealand climate, SMM wanted to focus on this group of potential customers. They aimed to showcase the value mortgage brokers bring by helping first home buyers find the most affordable mortgage option.

With the target demographic mostly in the millennial category, a digital-first, inbound marketing approach was taken. The main objectives were to educate the audience on: the requirements of getting a mortgage in NZ, non-banking finance options and the value of a mortgage broker in the house buying process.

They used inbound tactics to generate leads via the website, moving them from early research in the awareness stage to booking a consultation in the decision stage. The campaign was also promoted via email marketing, social media, AdWords and Remarketing.

This combined approach resulted in: increased engagement on social platforms, highly engaged email database, 324% increase in website visitors a 797% increase in enquiries and delivered a great ROI.