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Channel Gold - Mobile Marketing, Craft Gold - Excellence in Creative, Nexus Bronze – Innovation
Colenso BBDO
Entrant Credits
Levi Slavin, Dan Wright, Kim Ragan, Maria Devereux, David Arcus, Craig Thompson, Ahmad Salim, Nico Ainsworth, Ruby Soole, Natasha Gill, Scott Chapman, Neville Doyle, Philip De Meulemeester, Amy Pollok
Nominee Credits
Oliver Downs, Cormac van den Hoofdakker, Giovana Peroni
Additional Credits
Andy Blood
Entry Rationale
PEDIGREE DentaStix, a first-in-market oral care product for dogs found itself in a fight against copycat products. And it was losing. So they decided to change the fight.

To break away from the cluttered and identical competition, they repositioned the product from functional oral care into a playful hygienic treat that brought dogs and owners closer together.

The objectives were to inspire millions of dogs and owners across the country to get close and share personalised and fun moments back to PEDIGREE and other dog owners, while growing PEDIGREE DentaStix sales simultaneously.

They created SelfieSTIX, an integrated campaign platform that included a phone clip accessory, a mobile app and lots of social content. By putting DentaStix at the heart of the experience, they facilitated the best selfie bonding moments between owner and canine companions across New Zealand.

PEDIGREE had spotted a problem when owner and dog try to take a selfie: the dog never looks into the camera. Capitalising on the selfie-trend and utilising their phone clip and mobile app, PEDIGREE encouraged dogs to look straight into the camera, rewarding owners with perfect selfie moments with their best friend.

With the positioning, “Cleaner gets you closer”, they encouraged owners to get really close to their dogs, snap the perfect picture and share it back to PEDIGREE and other dog owners, who became inspired to join in with their own selfie creations.

As a result, PEDIGREE DentaStix captivated dog owners across the country. One in four dog owners in New Zealand got their hands on a SelfieSTIX phone clip and at the end of the campaign, PEDIGREE had delivered over 8 million impressions, repositioned itself away from the identical competition and saw its highest sales period ever.