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Queensland Emotion Scanner
FCB New Zealand
Air New Zealand / Tourism & Events Queensland
Entrant Credits
Tony Clewett, Peter Vegas, Leisa Wall, Mark Cameron, Kate Brook, Laura Goldie, Emily Jagger, Kate Coppersmith, James McMullan, Andrew Jackson, Lauren Watling, Lee Stapleton, Hylda Von Dinklage, Michelle Thomas, Simon Pengelly, Cherie Pegley, Jenni Doubleday
Nominee Credits
Annabelle Fowler, Helen Bosley, Aleisha Hall, Ashleigh Smith
Entry Rationale
Air New Zealand and Tourism and Events Queensland were looking to increase demand for non-stop flights to Queensland. Since 2012, this has been achieved by ensuring the largest group of travellers, people 45+ take their next holiday in Queensland, inspiring them with all the experiences on offer.

An opportunity was spotted to also target a younger audience (18-34 years) with lower visitation to increase potential visitors. The challenge was to change the “been there, done that” perceptions, showing exciting Queensland experiences in an innovative way.

Introducing, the Emotion Scanner – an engaging platform that delivered a personalised experience – and using New Zealand-first facial recognition technology. The audience’s micro-expressions were measured to deliver a personalised top Queensland experience result. They were then retargeted with the same experiences that sparked their emotional responses, providing highly relevant, personalised communications to drive consideration.

In the Emotion Scanner, people watched an emotive video with a range of exciting experiences from whale watching, surfing, shopping, dining, nature walks, beaches and more. By accessing the device’s camera, facial recognition monitored people’s micro-expressions and then revealed a personalised list of Queensland experiences that appealed to them most based on their own emotional responses.

This deeply engaged, primed audience was leveraged in two Queensland Retail Sales. Using the Emotion Scanner imagery and experiences to increase relevance and drive higher conversion.

Using innovative technology to create a highly personalised online experience got the target audience’s attention and drove engagement, getting 18-34 year olds to book flights to Queensland. February to June 2018 passenger numbers increased by 21% amongst 18-34-year olds. ROI of both sales were almost double YOY, and were the highest ever achieved for Queensland, plus a 5% increase in bookings, the largest YOY increase since February 2016.