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Points Swap
Foodstuffs NZ / Loyalty NZ
Entrant Credits
Ben Goodale, Stu Hinds, Drew Ayers, Clare McCracken, Laura Nolly, Justin Biddle
Nominee Credits
Nicky Ward, Pavi Parthiban, Emily Gooder, Maico Estacio, Amy Quinn, Loren Nicholas, Jamie Fenton, Jack Wong, Duncan Tait, Katey van Duin, Michael Coffey, Graeme White, Jennifer Wilkinson
Entry Rationale
The New World Rewards campaign was introduced at the launch of New World Clubcard to allow members to ‘burn’ their Fly Buys points and convert them into groceries.

New World regularly ran promotions using this offering, and the uptake had always been good. But they challenged themselves to think bigger and be bolder about how they took this seasonal offering to market. Normally, it simply ran like a promotion.

New World set about strategically re-evaluating the ‘New World Rewards’ idea: how was it treated as an identity, how they explained the value proposition to customers and how they took it to market.

What New World decided to change, was to give it a strong identity, and then build around it a much more advanced set of personalised data driven comms. The solution, Points Swap, stood proud in all communications and helped drive an increase in customers redeeming, an increase redemption value and an impressive number of actual redemptions. The only change was the improved, smart personalised email strategy, and the new identity of Points Swap.

The Points Swap solution was simple, impactful and really delivered against the SMP. Points Swap smashed targets and blew the business away with the impact of a distinct identity and an enhanced comms approach capturing the attention of New World Clubcard members.