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New World Direct 2.0
Craft Bronze - Excellence in Data Strategy
Foodstuffs NZ
Entrant Credits
Ben Goodale, Amy Watson
Nominee Credits
Nicky Ward, Anthea Stembridge, Katey van Duin, Danny Kim, Oliver de Monchy, Jamie Fenton, Jack Wong, Duncan Tait
Entry Rationale
New World has offered the New World Direct channel to their suppliers for many years, but it was not until the advent of New World Clubcard that it became a much more efficient and powerful channel as the data became more accessible, with the ability to access a large number of Clubcard and Fly Buys cardholders. New World Direct allows the brands that are sold in New World to directly target customers who are purchasing either the product, in the category (but a competitor product), or based on analysis, are seen to be a good prospect audience for a product they are not currently purchasing.

The New World Direct channel offers FMCG companies the opportunity to access highly-targeted segments of New World shoppers thanks to very sophisticated data analytics applying layers of data logic and insight, calling on global best practice that is applied by other brands such as Tesco.

The objective with this campaign was to increase the number of FMCG companies taking advantage of the New World Direct offering, and also to improve the number of average respondents.

The proposition to suppliers was, “Leverage the power of consumer insight to drive smart marketing with New World Direct”. This was proved to them with micro targeted campaigns, supported by strong pre and post analytics.

Achievement rate and uplift targets were smashed. Shoppers were clearly very engaged and motivated by the highly relevant offers. Successful campaigns and improved response rates have led to a near doubling of participant campaigns year on year. And campaigns at a micro level have achieved a high achievement rate.

With the move towards marketing automation solutions, it’s anticipated that this strong campaign performance and supplier engagement can only increase exponentially.