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New World - Would You Rather?
Channel Gold - Campaign Website, Industry Silver - Retail & E-commerce
Foodstuffs NZ
Entrant Credits
Ben Goodale, Stu Hinds, Drew Ayers, Clare McCracken, Laura Nolly, Justin Biddle
Nominee Credits
Nicky Ward, Maico Estacio, Pavi Parthiban, Laura Volp, Rachel Touhey
Entry Rationale
New World loyalty programme, New World Clubcard, wanted to maximise card holder engagement with the New World Beer and Cider Awards. They took a non-literal, left-field approach leveraging the quirkiness of the craft beer scene, to have some fun and get people thinking about the supermarket’s beer and cider range.

Much has changed in the beer and cider market over the last few years. Increasingly consumers are exploring craft brewing alternatives and are enjoying the choice and expression on offer. But with the wealth of quality and new product created in New Zealand growing considerably every year – it’s often difficult to discern what to go for.

The New World Beer and Cider Awards were positioned to make the category and new products accessible to those otherwise un-initiated or underconfident in selecting the perfect brew to taste.

“Would you Rather”, was a challenging, mentally torturing game developed by New World. From a series of questions, the fun game determined your ideal craft beer or cider from a selection of 12 brews.

New World combined personality types to flavour preference, making a match between attitudinal outlook and the perfect beer and cider product recommendation. Marrying this to a classic quiz game created mighty engagement.

Clubcard holders were directed to the game site via a solus email. Average time on site was a whopping nine minutes. This was an incredible investment of time for customers in a relatively simple digital game. The creative idea and subject matter were clearly powerful.

High engagement on the site fed through to stellar sales improvements. Sales to those engaged were noticeably higher for the ‘award winning’ category, and also  higher for all beers and ciders, versus control.