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Mainland Crossword and 2,000 Piece Voucher
Craft Gold - Excellence in Art Direction, Channel Bronze - Customer Experience
Colenso BBDO
Fonterra Brands NZ
Entrant Credits
Nick Worthington, Levi Slavin, Mike Davison, Charlie Godinet, Eloise Jack, Tim Thach, William Sidnam, Annabel Rees, Almaz Rabb, Barnaby O'Donnell Clarke, Cherie Mason, Reks Kok
Nominee Credits
Margaret O'Sullivan, Lucie Baker, Rob Macdonald
Entry Rationale
Nothing good ever comes from rushing things. That’s exactly what Mainland Cheese wanted to remind people of. Aging the perfect cheese takes time and patience. So Mainland created two very, very time consuming promotions during 2018. They made two vouchers for free cheese that came in the form of a huge and considerably tricky 2,000 Piece Voucher, and a 188-field Crossword Puzzle. The aim was to be present in Kiwi homes during busy times, engage people with the promotion and as a result encourage them to spend a lot of time with the brand.

For decades, Mainland’s brand line, “Good things take time”, has been a marker of the quality of their cheese, and the patience that goes into aging it to perfection. But in an increasingly competitive market, it was getting harder and harder to remind cheese-lovers why they should choose Mainland.

The Puzzle initiatives were designed to give Mainland a relevant and truly engaging role during the busy time of the year, as well as strongly reinforce the brand’s legendary line and brand credentials. 

Customers applied to win the vouchers in a competition mechanic through Mainland’s Facebook page or national press to redeem their reward. The Mainland Crossword Puzzle was completed with an average engagement length of 5.5 hours and saw a whopping record time for completion of 30 hours. The 2,000 Piece Voucher had a record time for completion of 45 hours, proving that good things do sometimes really take their time. By the end of the campaign period, the 2,000 Piece Puzzle had a staggering 40% redemption rate.