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Kiwibank Mind Over Money Season 2
Craft Silver - Excellence in Personalisation, Industry Bronze - Financial Services, Channel Bronze - Email Marketing
Affinity ID
Entrant Credits
Geoff Cooper, Ed Hackney, Yuan Zhang, Jin Zhou, Alice Sommerville, Olivia Pham
Nominee Credits
Vesna Nixon, Daikun Liu, Neil Brown, Laura Hofman, Lisa Campbell
Entry Rationale
Kiwibank exists to help Kiwis be better off. Its year-two sponsorship of the six-part Mind over Money TV series presented an opportunity to give more New Zealanders a taste of the Kiwibank difference.

To do this effectively the bank needed to have a 1:1 conversation with thousands of viewers – no easy task.

Kiwibank’s Mind over Money TV series allowed the bank to connect with thousands of Kiwis and demonstrate its brand promise to ‘help Kiwis be better off’. The challenge was to start personalised conversations with consumers, many anonymous; and ensure the subsequent engagement became increasingly personalised, tailored and relevant and from that customers would take direct actions to make them better off.

A two-part approach was developed: a web-based money personality quiz and a six-part email journey.

The lure of discovering their primary and secondary money personalities, and how that influenced on money management, intrigued customers to engage with the quiz. From there, viewers signed up for the highly personalised email programme, catering for 70 segments with content shaped by 100 data triggers. Throughout the journey successive emails were informed by data captured in previous communications.

Data capture, and behavioural analysis was critical to ensure the bank could talk to customers in the right way, and from this help them overcome inertia to make change.

The programme exceeded expectations, delivering: email open rates of between 47%-78%, 77% of learning more about how they think about money, over 46,000 actions were taken towards better money management, and 80% believed Kiwibank had helped them, and other Kiwis, to be better off.