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Keep Up With Change
Industry Silver - Communications/Utilities, Channel Silver - CRM Multi-Channel, Channel Bronze - Direct Response (any media)
Colenso BBDO
Entrant Credits
Sokpart Pao, Jake Sidall, Belinda Lush, Sarah Ellis-Jones, Kate Clark
Nominee Credits
Lou Kivell, Jonathan Reid, Jaime Morales, Daniel Burnside, Jordan Belcher, Phil Worsley
Entry Rationale
MySpark is the digital self-service tool for Spark customers. Once customers download the app (or go to MySpark online) they register, add a password and add their accounts. Then their services are at their fingertips.

MySpark is great for doing all the simple things like monitoring usage, checking and paying bills, toping up, adding extras, setting up roaming and switching plans. It also has troubleshooting tools and easy access to live chat agents.

Once customers have MySpark they’re hooked – they can manage all the simple stuff themselves at a place and time that suits them. The digital self-service tools deliver to both business and customer needs. But Spark had spent decades educating customers to call 123 for everything and now, for a core group of digitally competent laggards, shifting that behaviour had proved incredibly difficult.

Times were changing and Spark needed to change customer behaviour, without alienating them. So they launched a campaign, “Keep up with change with MySpark”. It used bold mind-shift messaging, 11 carefully choreographed channels and six tests spanning incentives, and creative and channel mix to convince the target audience of digitally competent laggards that it was time for change.

Customer response journeys were meticulously crafted to be as simple and seamless as possible and new in-app onboarding journeys were built to help convert new registrations into users. A commitment to ongoing optimisation improved response rates and decreased costs to maximise ROI.

The objectives were to increase registered MySpark users, increase active users, limit calls and chat, and optimise ROI. Spark exceeded targets and delivered an impressive ROI.