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Growing the Value of Living Rewards
Channel Bronze - CRM Multi-Channel
Green Cross Health
Entrant Credits
Emma Johnson, Paul Buckton, Nicola Henshaw, Josh Watson, Mick Stalker, Anna Gear, Ezra Whall, Amy Cattanach
Nominee Credits
Sarah Van der Loos, Andrea Spearman, Debbie Yardley
Entry Rationale
Living Rewards is the loyalty programme for Green Cross Health’s pharmacy brands, Unichem and Life. It’s one of the largest loyalty programmes in the country with over 1.55 million members nationwide. Members are rewarded with $10 for every $150 they spend and regular promotions are run offering double and triple points, offering customers even more value.

Living Rewards is a critical tool in the marketing arsenal. The health and beauty market is extremely competitive and it’s rapidly being disrupted by new entrants.

With this in mind, Green Cross Health decided to give the Living Rewards customer journey a revamp. The challenge was to clarify how the programme worked and to reinforce its value offering. By doing so they hoped to re-engage their existing customers and make Living Rewards more attractive to new ones. To achieve this they established new communications at key moments in the customer journey and used behavioural biases to influence the way customers perceived the value of the programme.

They were tasked with lifting total sales and visit frequency by 5%, with an ultimate goal of delivering one additional visit to store per customer each year.

Using the creative proposition “Living Rewards grows rewards quicker than you’d think” they brought the new communications together in a campaign consisting of a welcome DM, a points and rewards discovery eDM, a voucher achievement DM and a happy birthday eDM.

The programme far exceeded expectations on both engagement and effectiveness metrics. The eDMs delivered open rates between 15% and 121% above benchmarks, while all communications exceeded the 5% uplift targets for both spend and visits, with the birthday email delivering a massive increase in spend per customer.