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Growing for Gold - ANZ
Nexus Bronze - Customer & Market Insight
Entrant Credits
Kate Birmingham, Bevan Holdaway, Matthew Broadhead, Briar McCormack, Lorraine Mapu
Nominee Credits
Darryl Wong, Katie Tat
Entry Rationale
After the PSA bacteria outbreak in 2010, Kiwifruit had become a high-risk proposition for ANZ and a decision had been made to tighten lending conditions. It meant orchardists went elsewhere for funding – many to other banks. By 2016 the market had stabilised, the PSA outbreak was contained and economic indicators were positive. It was also announced that 750ha of new SunGold licences would be issued in February of 2018.

ANZ saw a chance to regain a leadership position in the market by specifically addressing the SunGold opportunity. The variety is more profitable than Green Kiwifruit, resistant to PSA and represented a compelling investment to traditional Kiwifruit orchardists.

ANZ’s Growing for Gold campaign is an innovative, 360 degree approach to business loan acquisition. The bank developed proprietary data tools and used a report of the findings as an icebreaker. They used their CRM system and network of local mangers as a first point of contact, before introducing potential customers to their specialist team. They changed internal processes to make it easier for their managers to structure loans that catered to the potential returns and foreseeable risk of investing in SunGold Kiwifruit orchards.

Marketing activity used a mix of direct and above-the-line channels to target customers within the ANZ database as well as new customers. The communication drove potential investors to a web portal that collected details. They then used their CRM system and follow up with local, and then specialist knowledge.

Results exceeded targets in all areas – open rate, lead generation and new lending. For the timeframe, the Kiwifruit lending campaign has been one of ANZ’s most successful loan acquisitions ever.