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Google Pay Launch
Industry Bronze - Financial Services
Entrant Credits
Stuart Hinds, Drew Ayers, Justin Biddle, Nathalie Philippsen, Melanie Coventry, Milutin Kovacevic
Nominee Credits
Erin Dudding, Francesca Adamson, Matt Pickering, Diana Van Nispen
Entry Rationale
While we’ve had contactless payment available on bank cards for years, being able to make in-store payments via our phone is relatively new in New Zealand. Thanks to both Apple Pay and Google Pay these technology advancements have driven consumer demand and ultimately put the pressure on banks to get onboard asap. However, when it comes down to it, the desire to pay by mobile far outweighs actual use. It seems cash and plastic cards still meet people’s needs.

ANZ Bank, New Zealand's largest financial-services group, needed to motivate ANZ customers with a personal ANZ debit/credit card and an android phone to set up Google Pay. They found it was no smooth road to uptake and adoption.

Security concerns were high on the list. Customers are weary of Google (being the search giant they are) so, ANZ had to manage real fears around personal data sharing and credit card fraud. Coupled with that, m-payments were up against already-entrenched contactless cards that effectively do the same thing.

The biggest challenge was moving a significant group of early adopters who had taken up ANZ’s mobile payment app a few years ago but hadn’t had the seamless ‘tap & go’ experience that they were used to. ANZ needed to prove that this was going to be better as their uptake would be integral to success.

After a long planning period to ensure they developed the right message for each audience, ANZ launched. The impact was immediate.

They smashed their expectations, achieving over and above their targets before they had even sent out the follow-up comms. Email open rates were high and well above expected open rate for financial services. Overall, the communications triggered a shift in user behaviour that saw more customers become engaged by setting up contactless payment within Google Pay.