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Convert It
Channel Bronze - Mobile Marketing
Colenso BBDO
Bank of New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Steve Cochran, Maria Devereux, Lucy Grigg, Adnaan Narot, Emma Tait, Claudio Varoli-Piazza, David Arcus
Nominee Credits
Anna Moore, Summer Hamilton, Adam McLaughlin, Jie Q Lie
Entry Rationale
BNZ is the bank of all New Zealanders – the Bank of You – and their purpose is to help New Zealanders be good with money so they can do great things with it.

New Zealanders’ love of travel and spirit for adventure is legendary. In 2017 alone, Kiwis took almost 3 million international holidays. And amongst young New Zealanders, travel is a top priority.

Invariably, those experiences cost money and when different currencies come into play things can get tricky. So in a nation where people believe travel enriches your life, but money takes away their freedom to travel, BNZ found an opportunity to amplify their brand success through doing, rather than just saying. The bank wanted to give New Zealanders something truly useful that would help them worry less and enjoy travelling more.

They needed to prove to New Zealanders that their ambition to help them be good with money didn’t stop at the border. While they had a host of useful products for travelling, so does every other bank. They had to create true, meaningful and relevant differentiation for BNZ.

So they developed and built Convert It – New Zealand’s first currency conversion app that uses Optical Character Recognition to detect and convert prices in over 170 currencies and convert them to New Zealand dollars. By simply hovering your phone over a price it automatically displayed the amount in New Zealand dollars. No more guessing or estimating, the app helped you quickly and easily know exactly how much you’re spending so you can still splash out on that treasured souvenir, knowing exactly what it cost and confident that you are keeping your spending on track.

Convert It proved to be a traveller favourite amongst New Zealanders, smashing forecasted users and downloads.