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Black Hawk: Nothing But Real
Nexus Bronze - Strategic Vision
Masterpet Corporation Ltd
Entrant Credits
Aurelia Moly, Emma Harding, Jessie Baxter, Naomi Buck
Entry Rationale
For decades (centuries in pet years) Masterpet had been the loyal distributor of two of New Zealand’s best science-based premium pet food brands, IAMS® and EUKANUBA®.

Science formulas had long ruled the roost at retail. With their paw firmly on the pulse, Masterpet saw an opportunity. A natural food movement was sweeping across Kiwi kitchens. Industry figures showed a great leap in natural pet food, a woofing 37% growth year on year, increasing twice the rate of standard premium.

Letting go of the leash, Masterpet stepped away from IAMS® and EUKANUBA® to transform their business from science-based pet food distributor to natural pet food supplier. They launched Black Hawk: Nothing but Real.

This was not so straight forward. By removing science brands from their portfolio, they were going from $23M revenue to $0 overnight. A robust strategy to see their vision come to nutritious fruition was imperative.

Natural pet food was experiencing growth but it was totally fragmented. Adding up all the natural brands purchased in just one quarter, the natural category became bigger than the #1 premium brand. Kiwis couldn’t choose who to consistently turn to.

Masterpet’s strategic vision was clear; create an environment for real relationships to cement lasting success.

They translated their very essence, ‘nothing but real’ into every marketing touchpoint. They shared their real food brand via real authentic content, facilitated tangible brand interactions, establishing founding relationships and used responsive media to gain insight and respond accordingly.

How did they do? They exceeded sales targets by over $1 million, more than doubled figures on their awareness goals, scored five points above their estimated NPS and their ROI reached 530%.