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The Wilderness Way: Persona-led Content Marketing
Industry Gold - Travel & Leisure, Channel Gold - Campaign Website, Nexus Silver - Media and/or Channel Utilisation
Done by Friday
Wilderness Motorhomes
Entrant Credits
Boyd Wason, Sonia Slattery, Mark Laurence, Bianca Stedman, Alex Krivenko
Nominee Credits
Mary Hamilton, Estelle Verani
Entry Rationale
Wilderness is a provider of luxury rental motorhomes for discerning international and local independent travelers. Wilderness motorhomes are European designed and engineered, with features selected for the New Zealand market by a team of passionate Kiwis who want only the best for their customers.

Reaching and connecting with the right customers in multiple international markets was becoming increasingly difficult - and expensive - for Wilderness.

With large corporate players eating up the lion's share of paid Google advertising and hiking up CPCs, Wilderness knew there had to be a better way to reach the right customers. Taking the brave move of axing Adwords spend, they embarked on an earned media journey with content marketing.

Together the agency and client developed a persona-led content marketing strategy that has turned heads in the industry and provides, for the first time, end-to-end measurable ROI.

Starting with a deep appreciation of ideal personas, the strategy allows the creation of truly compelling content. The content is placed so it can be organically discovered, and a sophisticated email nurture programme allows the personas to 'raise their hand' - when they're ready.

With a winning strategy, came creative excellence and innovation. An 'always-on' programme of content is supported by an asset developed in response to technical limitations with existing booking functionality. The 'Motorhome Selector' tool connects personas with the ideal vehicle for their NZ holiday.

Today the strategy consistently exceeds targets and delivers a stream of highly qualified leads to the business. CRM integration has closed the loop on the strategy, and for the first time, Wilderness can see and measure their entire sales funnel from prospect to customer. Results for the programme have far exceeded expectations.