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The ITM App
Channel Silver - Mobile Marketing, Nexus Bronze - Innovation
Entrant Credits
Gareth Ewen, Mark Stewart, Andrew Campbell, Chris Boyle, Jerry Hirst, Caron Thornton
Entry Rationale
Communications within the building industry can be difficult. With builders on the tools most of the day, reaching them via social channels or email and print is not effective. ITM set out to address this issue. The team began by looking for day-to-day needs that weren’t met, that could be met via a mobile channel.

Through research conducted with builders they learned that builders were struggling to record their on-going training that they were required to do as part of the Governments builder licensing scheme (referred to as the Licensed Builder Program, LBP).

Introduced in 2007, the LBP scheme required builders to record what they had learnt and to submit this information every 2 years. Through the research ITM identified that most builders were recording their training on scraps of paper and in their diaries for up to 2 years before sending to the Government. There were a number of constraints including not knowing their Government RealMe login which was required to submit their training.

ITM saw the opportunity for someone to develop a digital solution to manage this process. They developed the ITM App which allowed builders to record their points at the time they earned them. The ITM app had enormous up-take with nearly half of all Carpentry LBP’s adopting the app within an 8 month period.

The App not only streamlined the LBP Scheme, it also created a new channel that allows ITM to be in the builders’ pocket and addresses the issue of contacting builders
through the day.

The App includes an industry news section which is updated daily. It also required builders to provide their contact information which has enabled ITM to send push notifications when they needed to and so reduced advertising costs.