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The Annoying Lump
Industry Gold - Not-for-Profit, Channel Gold - Direct Response (any media), Nexus Gold - Media and/or Channel Utilisation
Colenso BBDO
New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation
Entrant Credits
Nick Worthington, Steve Cochran, Maria Devereux, Kim Ragan, Angela Watson, Abbi Barker, Neville Doyle, Amy Pollok, Paul Gunn, Will Thorrat, Lisa Barritt, Gene Wheaton, Alex Krivenko, Reks Kok, Odin Van Daal
Nominee Credits
Evangelia Henderson, Kim Barker
Additional Credits
Kim Gribble
Entry Rationale
The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation (NZBCF) has several goals – building awareness and education about breast cancer and breast health, support for those affected by breast cancer and research to find a cure.

Part of this remit is to encourage eligible women to get mammograms, which is the most effective way of detecting breast cancer early. New Zealand has a free screening program for the most at-risk women, those between 45 and 69.

However, in New Zealand mammogram rates stubbornly remain around 70%. Getting a mammogram is one of those things that’s easy to ignore and keep putting off. The thing is, the more you put it off, the greater the risk that breast cancer won’t be found early, when it’s most easily treated.

What’s more, the survival rate for breast cancer found through a mammogram is substantially higher than breast cancer found through symptoms, and yet, many New Zealand women weren’t taking advantage of free breast screening.

So for Breast Cancer awareness month, the NZBCF created The Lump.

A small lump that followed women around the internet, through particularly persistent retargeting banners.

The Lump carried a simple message: “Get rid of me by booking a mammogram.” Some women took notice and booked a mammogram. But for those who didn’t, The Lump persisted, getting bigger and more aggressive each time they saw it. It appeared throughout their browsers, on Facebook, mobile and even on YouTube. The only way to get rid of it, was to click and book a mammogram.

The click-through rate for this simple banner campaign was fourteen times higher than industry standards, and October 2016 became NZBCF’s most successful mammogram drive ever.