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TAB Training
Channel Gold - Campaign Website, Channel Gold - CRM Multi-Channel, Industry Silver - Other - B2C, Nexus Silver - Innovation
Skinny Marketing
Entrant Credits
Andrew Kay, Cyris Cloete
Nominee Credits
Chris Basset, Karl Tily, Luke Butterfield
Entry Rationale
TAB is a major entertainment business offering betting on a wide range of racing and sport events from New Zealand and around the world.

The TAB has a loyal core customer base, but were experiencing difficulty retaining new account customers which was inhibiting growth.

A new strategy was needed to help with onboarding and retention of new customers.

Customer insight showed that there were two main issues:
• There's a lot to learn and it's hard to know where to start.
• Providing photo id ("ID verification") is an annoying task that gets procrastinated.

To address the problem, the team created an interactive onboarding experience called TAB Training. Each new customer was given access to their own personalised TAB Training website, with 6 training drills for them to complete. This included a mixture of educational content (watching 3 videos), plus 3 account tasks that were linked to actions in the customer's account (including to place a bet, and to verify their ID).

Entrants earned a badge after completing each training drill, with a $20 free bet on offer for each customer that completed all 6 training drills.

This was an ambitious and technical project that transformed a previously one - dimensional email based onboarding approach into a multi-channel, gamified and interactive experience.

Most importantly, TAB Training exceeded every target:
• Retention Rate: +16.76 percentage points
• ID Verification Rate: +28.8 percentage points
• Multi Bet Rate: +49.19 percentage points

TAB Training has been such a success that it has been replicated for TAB Pre-Race Training to onboard Racing betting account customers in the same way.