Say it Tika, Say it Right
Say it Tika, Say it Right
Industry Gold - Communications/Utilities, Channel Gold - Campaign Website, Channel Gold - Social Media & Viral
FCB New Zealand / Y&R Media
Vodafone New Zealand / Google
Entrant Credits
James Mok, Tony Clewett, Lennie Galloway, Thomas Gledhill, Jenni Doubleday, Nick Smith, Pip Mayne, Fleur Head, Jo Taylor, Emma Richardson, Ra Kahukiwa, Murray Streets, Angela Spain, Joanna James, Katie Smith, James McMullan, Matt Barnes, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson
Nominee Credits
Matt Williams, Louise Kuegler, Liz Wilson, Natasha Hirtzel, Ryan Pellet, Mark Milicich, Alessandra Nixon, Kiri Coughlan, Elissa Downey, Alice Paine, Dan Dale, Nathan Brown, Matt Batcheldor, Reuben Halper
Additional Credits
Nigel Foster, Kelly Badland, Lisa Clapperton, Mihisara Dayaratne, Arvid Eriksson
Entry Rationale
As a global brand, Vodafone faces an ongoing challenge to demonstrate its commitment and understanding of New Zealanders. One of the drivers of brand consideration is the perception that the brand genuinely cares and delivers innovative technology to solve problems that Kiwis care about.

Each year the brand supports Māori Language Week and in 2017, Vodafone took its commitment further and did something proactive.

The challenge:
In the face of globalisation, Te Reo is being eroded. People’s ability to pronounce the language correctly is under pressure, weakening its strength and usage.

The insight:
A regularly used tech platform on which Te Reo is often mispronounced is Google Maps, which is accessed by over 1.7 million Kiwis on the Vodafone network.

The solution:
Vodafone partnered with Google Maps to develop Say it Tika, Say it Right to encourage New Zealanders to identify place names incorrectly pronounced by the Google Maps voice.

Primarily a social and earned campaign, comprising of social video, a microsite and some digital banners, it was a huge success.

During the first 20 days in market, the campaign reached 1.9 million New Zealanders with content - that’s nearly 40.5% of the total population.

The campaign created momentum of its own, being shared in social and digital channels as well as gaining regional, national and global media coverage.

The reach was driven organically by shares, likes and comments – with an engagement rate of 4%, it achieved four times the industry norms and organic reach of 60% - an all-time high for Vodafone.

While the cherry on top was that the campaign achieved almost 100% positive sentiment.