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Samsung Data Drive
Industry Silver - Technology, Craft Silver - Excellence in Data Strategy
Chemistry Interaction
Entrant Credits
Joseph Silk, Patrick Murphy, Susan Young
Nominee Credits
Conrad Heaven, Penny Wolhuter
Additional Credits
Richard Reid, Fahruddin Hamid
Entry Rationale
Samsung is the only technology brand in NZ to supply products across mobile, whiteware and television categories While the company has a significant share of market, it held less than half of it’s customer details on it’s database. Also, data was poor and incomplete.

Furthermore, the customer sales relationships were held with retailers and telcos, making a direct relationship for Samsung, extremely difficult.

Samsung’s research validated their thinking - consumers were emotionally engaged with their device’s brand, not the retailer. Samsung needed to find a way to gain a direct relationship with customers without upsetting retailers, and in so doing to reduce its vulnerability to agnostic retail competition.

So they asked, what if customer data could be collected through touch points as diverse as Samsung’s range of apps, its customer support centre, warranty registrations and sources of transactional data?

As a first step, a representative segment of customers completed an in-depth psychographic survey, informing customer segmentation attributed across the full database via lookalike analysis. This audit created key customer personas, identified insight gaps and propensity modelling.

Using this segmentation analysis, Samsung NZ tailored its targeting and personalised lead nurture messaging to create a new and improved CRM programme for Samsung NZ. This programme is now out-performing all other subsidiaries in the South-East Asia region; NZ is no. 1 for CTR’s and no. 2 for open rates.

Within the first 12 months, the marketing customer database has increased by 300% with more than half of these opted in to the CRM programme.