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Pedigree Child Replacement Programme
Industry Bronze - FMCG
Colenso BBDO
Entrant Credits
Nick Worthington, Andre Sallowicz, Simon Vicars, Ahmad Salim, Abbi Barker, Alice Sopwith, Paul Gunn, Tim Freeman, Will Thorrat, Dean Pomfrett, Craig Thompson, David Arcus, Alex Krivenko, Emma Tait, Serena Fountain Jones, Will Bailey, Jodi Davis, Reks Kok, Jen Storey
Nominee Credits
Oliver Downs, Cormac van den Hoofdakker, Maria Granados
Additional Credits
Sally Falconer, Mark Devlin, Declan Cahill, Adam Gunser, Pete Ritchie, Exit Films - Production Company, Franklin Road - Sound Design, Creature - Post Production
Entry Rationale
PEDIGREE’s brand purpose is a simple one; to make the world a better place for dogs.

They believe that dogs, in their joyful innocence, provide happiness and bring out the best in people. This core belief guides everything PEDIGREE does; from making dog nutrition products that fuel happy and healthy dogs to all brand partnerships and initiatives.

To action this belief, PEDIGREE has 3 areas of focus.

1.  Produce high-quality, leading nutrition that brings out the best in dogs.
2.  Drive relevant initiatives that make the world a better place for dogs.
3.  Find ways to bring people and dogs together to bring happiness into as many           lives as possible.

In 2015 and 2016, PEDIGREE’s annual brand campaign revolved around the second area of focus; initiatives that make the world a better place for dogs. These brand campaigns, as with nearly every campaign dating back to 2013, provided a 4%-6% increase in sales. This sales spike had become predictable so in 2017 we wanted to create a campaign that drastically disrupted the market.

Knowing that 5,000 shelter dogs are euthanised each year in NZ is very hard to stomach. So, in 2017 they created a campaign designed to drive dog adoption enquiries and increase PEDIGREE sales.

Current NZ dog ownership statistics showed that 78% of households with children aged 9-17 already had a dog. However, when it came to people over the age of 50, the number dropped to just over half, the lowest dog ownership rate of any age group. 

The campaign appealed to older New Zealanders who are entering a new stage of life, post kids. Instead of adding to the doom and gloom messaging typical in this area they appealed on a more positive note to replace your child.

The campaign, ‘The PEDIGREE Child Replacement Program’ led to a 16% uplift in sales, an 824% increase in adoption enquiries and helped PEDIGREE take the no.1 spot in dry dog food from their biggest competitor.