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PAK’nSAVE Gets Sticky
Craft Silver - Excellence in Strategy
justONE / FCB New Zealand
Foodstuffs NZ
Entrant Credits
Ben Goodale, Clare McCracken, Laura Nolly, Monique Strawbridge, Stuart Hinds, Drew Ayers, Justin Biddle, Krystel Houghton, Shannen Rogers, Jade Seaton, James Mok, Jenni Doubleday, Murray Watt, Christiaan Van Noppen, David Shirley, Melina Fiolitakis, Hilary Dobson, Simon Sievert, Marijana Jugum, Simon Pengelly, Rufus Chuter, Sarah Beston, Moniquea Somers, Gaby Johns, Stacey Hay
Nominee Credits
Eugene Ruane, Monique McMahon
Entry Rationale
So, who would be mad enough to launch a new loyalty programme in 2017? After the ‘loyalty wars’ of 2016, consumers could be excused for being confused with what card to use where and fatigued from loyalty card overload.

Imagine the scene. It’s all yellow. Through the yellowness, a figure emerges. It looks like Stickman. In fact, it is Stickman! But, what’s he doing at the NZ DM Awards? Well, Stickman has been part of a recent launch of a loyalty programme for PAK’nSAVE, which is called Sticky Club.

Launching in South Island stores (12 PAK’nSAVE’s) in September 2017, following a successful store pilot using staff in April, Sticky Club offers PAK’nSAVE shoppers the opportunity to be more ‘savey’ on fuel, earning up to 35 cents-per-litre off at the pumps based on their shopping. Using the latest in smart POS technology and a nifty key tag or digital tag, shoppers swipe and earn throughout the month.

Despite New Zealand hardly needing a new loyalty programme, Sticky Club has been a success. 

In the first 4 weeks, the programme surpassed its three- month acquisition target, gained brand new emailable email addresses and saw an increase in on- site fuel sales. Shoppers are also hunting down their instore ticketed savey deals.