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Onecard Relaunch: Mobilising a Country
Craft Gold - Excellence in Data Strategy, Industry Silver - Retail, Nexus Silver - CRM & Data Management, Channel Bronze - Best Loyalty Programme, Nexus Bronze - Customer & Market Insight, Nexus Bronze - Strategic Vision
Affinity ID / Red Jelly / Mindshare
Entrant Credits
Michelle Weir, Adam Bayliss, Andrew Timbs, Chris Broadhead, Robbie Arnott, Samantha Osborne, Jack Plowright, Tom Harrison, Abel Banda, Bob Hayes, CJ Hudson, Geoff Cooper, Nick Peat, Ed Hackney, Andrew Dent, Wi Bian Goh, Jing Jin Zhou
Nominee Credits
Ralica Andreeva, Susan D'Lima, Bridget Lamont, Christine Haru
Entry Rationale
Onecard was well established with a history of success, but metrics indicated a slow erosion of its appeal.

So, in 2016, the loyalty proposition was reshaped with Onecard joining forces with AA Smartfuel (with BP and Caltex). The Onecard relaunch required a large investment, and would impact all 184 stores, 15,000 frontline staff and almost all operational teams. 

Extensive research and insights drove the development providing clear direction on the proposition changes, how to launch, and a creative platform for success. A clear customer insight was the need to simplify and reduce the noise of an already crowed loyalty landscape.

The creative platform was developed to link a clear choice: food or fuel; putting customers in control of how they wanted to save. Plus, focusing on an emotional benefit, brought a smile to their faces.

Countdown used a four-stage journey to communicate this in a simple way to customers, build awareness of the partnership and create emotional connection with the brand.

The approach is paying dividends with the number of customers shopping with a Onecard increasing by 53%, and new customer relationships built now number 40% more than pre-launch. Overall marketing efficiency has improved with an increased email capability.

Most importantly, the slow erosion in metrics of the Onecard loyalty program have been reversed while gaining access to more data to support future business decision making.