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New World's Epic Easter Hunt
Industry Gold - Retail, Channel Gold – Mobile Marketing, Craft Gold – Innovative Use of Craft
.99 Enterprises
Foodstuffs NZ
Entrant Credits
Chris Long, Jared Isle, Katherine Sliper, Sabrina Jensen, Greg Forsyth, Kevin Akers, Tommy Eu, Deimos Rikys, Jay Shin
Nominee Credits
Steve Bayliss, Stephanie Pyne, Lauren Ness
Additional Credits
Ghanum Taylor, Trevor Gamon, Jamie Peterson, Kit Chan
Entry Rationale
New World is one of the country’s largest supermarket chains. Rather than use the sharpest deals as a primary driver, New World has focused on creating an enjoyable shopping experience to attract customers, playing directly to their more premium positioning.

In recent times, they’ve also become renowned for experiential promotional hooks, like 2016’s Little Garden promotion which rewarded shoppers with a seedling kit with every $40 spent, to further surprise and delight loyal shoppers.

To help make New World’s 2017 Easter celebrations bigger and better, they created the Epic Easter Hunt, an innovative in-store digital experience that broke new ground for both the brand and the category.

This charming app gave users the chance to help the Easter Bunny find virtual eggs hidden across all 138 stores. From there, players could show their egg collection at the checkout to get their paws on a free Cadbury chocolate egg.

Using digital technology in this way hadn’t been done in the category in this country before, and it proved to be a game changer. Kids’ imaginations were fired up nationwide. And in turn this convinced more parents that shopping at New World at Easter would be doubly enjoyable, because something special was happening to keep the kids busy.

The campaign was also an excellent personification of New World’s recently launched overarching ‘happiness’ brand position, and provided another tangible way to bring a little extra fun and joy to shopper’s lives in store.

By capturing the hearts and minds of the young and the young at heart, the company stood out in the crowded Easter retailer marketplace, and boosted brand engagement in the process. This impacted directly on the bottom line, driving both a category gain and the supermarket’s highest confectionery sales ever during the promotion.