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Martin Garrix Exclusive Party
Industry Bronze - Communications/Utilities
FCB New Zealand
Vodafone New Zealand
Entrant Credits
James Mok, Matt Barnes, David Reid, Rob Banks, Jenni Doubleday, James McMullan, Andrew Jackson, Nick Pengelly, Ruth Bradshaw, Sarah Busfield
Nominee Credits
Matt Williams, Louise Kuegler, Gabrielle Pritchard, Dan Dale, Madeline Wallwork, Ryan Pellet, Mark Milicich, Alessandra Nixon
Additional Credits
Kelly Badland, Yit Wong
Entry Rationale
Research has shown how important brand consideration is in a relative-parity marketplace like New Zealand's Telco industry: it underpins all those perceptions of value that attract new customers, retain existing customers, and protect against deep discounting and/or budget brands.

This is especially important in Prepay, a particularly price-sensitive segment with high churn and low revenue. That's why the Vodafone team developed Vodafone Mates - a Prepay proposition, aimed at the Youth market. Aligned with Vodafone’s existing customer loyalty programme, Fantastic Fridays they boosted each other’s presence, creating a stronger campaign "story", and increasing brand consideration (user and non-user) amongst the Youth audience.

Vodafone Mates was an experience driven by direct response: An exclusive party at Studio, with Vodafone Mates and international superstar DJ Martin Garrix. Entry was by invitation only - the youth audience just had to get themselves and their mates on the guest list, and stay there, by sharing the news far and wide.

The campaign achieved some extraordinary results: 300k+ reach, with click-through rates 500% above benchmark, over 75% of entrants completing the entry process, and 100% of the winners turning up on the night, along with a mate. Martin Garrix had such a good time that he played two and a half hours, instead of the contracted 60 minutes.

NPS improved, conversions increased and migration of Prepay customers to higher-value Vodafone Mates increased the base.