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Little Garden
Industry Silver - Retail
Colenso BBDO
Foodstuffs NZ
Entrant Credits
Nick Worthington, Steve Cochran, Brodie Reid, Mike Davison, Henry Wall, Emily Osborne, Jen Storey
Nominee Credits
Steve Bayliss, Stephanie Pyne, Jessica Richards
Additional Credits
Nik Beachman, Claire Kelly, Zoe McIntosh, Ian McCarroll, Julian Curran, Mahuia Bridgeman Cooper, Franklin Road - Sound Design, Thick as Thieves - Production Company, Blockhead - Post Production & Online Editor, Illustration by Watermark Ltd.
Entry Rationale
In recent years, New World has been making huge strides in the area of sustainability.
However, a brand dissonance was beginning to surface – with New World making sustainable efforts, it didn’t make much sense to be filling homes with tiny plastic knick-knacks only to be discarded after a short time.

Shoppers are increasingly becoming more environmentally and socially conscious and were making themselves heard.

New World had to evolve to meet their changing needs, embracing sustainability at every level.

Insight based on social media activity from previous Little campaigns was that many parents had used the collectibles to engage with their kids; playing games and making pretend shops. The success of the 2015 Little Kitchen took it one step further with engaging online content encouraging experimentation with food in the kitchen.

There was a wider opportunity to teach children about their connection to nature by getting them outside in the garden and away from screens. This experience would provide a more authentic and hands-on opportunity for parents to play with their kids.

Little Garden answered this all with collectible seedling kits that are effectively zero waste. Providing the opportunity for kids and their families to get involved in gardening, growing their own vegetables and even eventually eating them. It was more educational, more environmentally conscious, more sustainable but equally as fun and engaging.

Little Garden was the most successful Little promotion to date. Besides hitting all its commercial targets, it has also driven positive brand engagement around likeability, relevance and good feeling and has achieved 100% positive social sentiment.

New World has also made the ultimate leap – transitioning from an easily-duplicated supermarket promotion to an authentic contributor to kids’ education about nature.