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Industry Silver - Not-for-Profit, Channel Silver - Social Media & Viral
FCB New Zealand
Testicular Cancer New Zealand
Entrant Credits
James Mok, Tony Clewett, Jenni Doubleday, Peter Vegas, Leisa Wall, Scott Kelly, Nick Smith, Chloe Baxter, Pip Mayne, Mike Braid, Jared Yearsley, Toby Sellers, Jade Seaton, Dan West, Qassem Naim, Steph Pearson, Stacey Hay, Abbey-Rose Clarke, Angela Spain, Harriet Mahaffie, Amanda McClatchie, Nick Pengelley, Andrew Jackson
Nominee Credits
Graeme Woodside, Claire Gard
Additional Credits
Jonny Kofoed, Matt Von Trott, Amanda Chambers, Toby Lloyd, James Brown, Sean Morris, Mika Parow
Entry Rationale
GoBallsOut is a campaign that raises awareness of testicular cancer in young New Zealand men aged 15-39 years. Its aim is to encourage these young men to not only do something to prevent cancer but to regularly check themselves for testicular cancer.

Desk research uncovered a little-known fact: exercise is one of the best and easiest things you can do to help prevent testicular cancer. However less than 30% of the audience knew this. As sport is something most New Zealanders could identify with (as 72% of the audience actively take part in sport (Per.Ceptive research) creating a link between sport and testicular cancer was a positive way of getting it back into the public arena whilst also getting people to do something to prevent it.

This wasn't an easy task as NZ males are extremely uncomfortable talking about serious medical issues like this. Yet they have been happily drawing genitalia since they could hold a pencil.

This lead to the simple insight: Men love to joke about private parts, but as soon as the conversation turns to medical issues they shut down.

So, the GoBallsOut exercise challenge was created to get people talking and walking to help create awareness and prevent testicular cancer across social media.

The results of the campaign were outstanding and included:

•  Increased awareness of testicular cancer - more searches than breast cancer          in launch week (Google search data).
•  The #GoBallsOut campaign reached 86% of men aged 15-39 in NZ.
•  Pre and post campaign research showed the target had a 71% increase in               awareness that exercise helped prevent testicular cancer (Per.Ceptive Research       2017).