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FRAMECAD Always-on Lead Generation
Industry Bronze - Other - B2B, Nexus Bronze - Media and/or Channel Utilisation
Done by Friday
Entrant Credits
Boyd Wason, Sonia Slattery, Mark Laurence, Bianca Stedman, Alex Krivenko
Nominee Credits
Matthew Woodley, Caroline Shaw, Oliver Foote
Entry Rationale
FRAMECAD, a pioneering local manufacturing company, has been taking on the world with innovative construction technology solutions for 30 years. Yet they have relied solely on traditional sales methods to engage their diverse range of target customers - from third world governments, to multi-billion dollar private developers and everything in between. 

With long prospect-to-customer sales cycles that were open to competitor deal poaching, FRAMECAD realised they had to do more than rely on the skills of a distributed sales force to close deals.

The client and agency team embarked on a new 'always-on' lead generation strategy to complement the sales ecosystem. With the aim of attracting and building trust with leads through to sales-ready qualification, the strategy hinged on an intimate understanding of buyer personas. 

Despite vast audience differences in geographic location, economic status, and type of construction projects, the team was able to identify four key personas for the programme based on shared pain points, goals and triggers.

This then meant a manageable calendar of content (that could otherwise have been unwieldy) was able to be created to meet the information needs of each persona, at each stage in their buyer's journey.

Underpinning the strategy is a sophisticated email nurture programme that intelligently nurtures leads through to sales-ready qualification.

And with content distributed using mostly earned media, the results of the programme have far exceeded expectations, and anything seen before for lead generation in the B2B construction industry.