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Fly Buys Pumped
Industry Bronze - Other - B2C
Loyalty NZ
Z Energy / Fly Buys
Entrant Credits
Dave Mansfield, Lara Purcell, Kim Rousell, Jennifer Wilkinson, Ben Lewis, Gareth Williams, Michelle Barnes, Duncan Tait
Nominee Credits
Dale Alloway, Lauren Cooke, Bronwyn Barberel, Michelle Leckie, Ellie Trotter, Pete Robson
Entry Rationale
Together, Z and Loyalty NZ (LNZ) developed Fly Buys Pumped - an always-on, dynamic, customer-led, multi-motivator programme that offers rewards (points) and rebates (discounts) - powered by data exchanges giving the customer instant benefits with choice. The programme is intended to drive Z fuel volume and strengthen the overall Fly Buys proposition by giving customers:

•  Instant gratification (rebates via cents per litre discounts)
•  Accumulation of points (bonus points mechanism)
•  Higher generosity (multi-motivator benefits)
•  Accelerated value perception (strengthening programme and brand perception        across both organisations)
•  New promotional levers (dialling up or down the CPL or bonus points value)
•  Market differentiation (rebate, reward and recognition)
•  More personalised and relevant real-time experience (highly segmented                 audience with tailored messages and benefits)
•  Respond and achieve in a simple and effortless mechanism (simply swipe/scan        your card to achieve)

LNZ's analytics business LAB360 built a Marketing Layer platform that has enabled LNZ to deploy Z promotional campaigns in a two-hour window. Highly targeted campaigns can be in market within 24 hours. This capability provides speed and scale while maintaining targeting that is customised and highly relevant.

The launch saw some staggering results in the first weeks of the campaign that included:

•  thousands of new first-time shoppers at Z 
•  revitalised lapsed shoppers back fuelling up
•  thousands of people dusting off their Fly Buys cards and getting busy swiping. 

Not only did we see issuance of points tracking up, and strong literage growth, to close the loop on the programme, Fly Buys also saw a spike in redemption of rewards.