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Industry Silver - Financial Services
Entrant Credits
Ben Goodale, Amy Watson, Stuart Hinds, Drew Ayers, Melanie Coventry, Nathalie Philippsen, Ben Cullen, Ivana Mihaljevich, Kelly Elcock, Justin Biddle, Ben James
Nominee Credits
Jeff Ruscoe, Eva Knox, Loren Nicholas
Entry Rationale

General Insurance is grossly undervalued in New Zealand. When it comes to home and contents insurance up to 80%* of Kiwi’s are under-insured or have none at all. To top it off, visibility of the AMP General Insurance offering is pretty much zero. They set out on mission to change that.

Taking advantage of their 12-week sponsorship of The Block TV Show, AMP used it to promote the AMP General Insurance offering, reward all of their customers and develop a significant lead pool to mine for years to come. 

For the first six weeks, the TV show settled in. With full focus on “the home”, the TV Show began to warm AMP’s valued KiwiSaver customers, including budding DIY addicts/decorating dreamers to consider AMP. At week seven, when the action was heating up, email and mail communications were launched to customers, introducing AMP’s General Insurance offering (including loyalty discount if they had KiwiSaver), the ease of getting a quote and prize they could win! 

As soon as the eDM and DM left the building the requests for quotes came flowing in, spiking an all-time high of quote requests in one week! A whopping uplift compared with the previous six weeks of non-DM activity.

Both the call center and
Advisers were ‘broken’ as they experienced a huge surge in requests and as the campaign wrapped up, managing to fulfil almost double the campaign target number of quotes and gaining AMP several millions in potential value generated (based on $491 avg. sale).

In the eyes of their customers, they successfully transformed “boring insurance” into something “easy” and much more palatable and gleaned thousands of warm leads to use in the long run. Mission Complete!

*IBANZ Report 2016