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Summer Doesn’t Stop
Industry Silver – Government/Public Sector
Young + Shand
New Zealand Blood Service
Entrant Credits
Jack Wadham, Skyler Bongers, Alex Gambitsis, Tim Wood, Jesse Kelly, Ksenia Vistovskaya, Daniel Phillips
Nominee Credits
Asuka Burge, Nephi Arthur
Entry Rationale
Getting people to donate blood is always a very difficult task. Now imagine the sun is shining and the weather is warm. What would you rather be doing? But the truth is that the process of giving blood only takes around 15 minutes, which means summer doesn’t have to stop for you to do something truly worthwhile.

Using this as a key insight, and executing the campaign using a cleverly designed contact strategy, Kiwis were shown that they could choose to do something that would make a meaningful (even life- saving) difference to someone in need, but in doing so they didn’t need to sacrifice their summer fun.

Engagement results were truly impressive, given the limited budget of just over $15,000.

·   Reach was 400,000+ through Facebook alone

·   Impressions were a huge 6,403,54

·   Averaged 16 impacts per person online during the period, taking them through the decision funnel from awareness through to decision.

·         Clicks were 37,475 at a CPC of only $0.42, driving up website engagement (236% growth to the “make an appointment” page and 6.7% growth to the “Am I eligible” page on the previous period).


In terms of the all-important donor recruitment, 7,650 donors were added to the database during the period (4,399 new donors and 3,251 reinstated lapse donors). That’s 134% of the target of 5,700!

But as a fantastic result as that number was, what makes this campaign a true standout for NZ Blood Service is how efficient it was in achieving its goal. When compared to previous recruitment activity, the Summer Doesn’t Stop campaign recruited donors at up to less than a third of the cost of previous activity.