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Couch BBQ
Student Marketer of the Year
The Brandbach / University of Otago
Entrant Credits
Sophia Cooper and Malcom Hayes
Nominee Credits
Harmoney - Ed Bell
Entry Rationale

Harmoney was NZ’s first Peer-to-Peer marketplace lending company. Harmoney has been in the market for 24 months. In that time, it has experienced exponential growth. This student challenge aimed to target existing borrowers who are eligible for a top up. The winning solution was based on:

1.        Shared values - The commonality that will drive engagement between Harmoney and its consumers is the Kiwi desire to help each other and be helped. Harmoney customers can lend a helping hand from the comfort of their couch.

2.        Shared experiences - Harmoney is the connector that allows people to fuel their lifestyle and needs, in an easy and enjoyable customer journey.

3.        Strategy - Harmoney wants to embrace ‘Kiwi to Kiwi’ relations and be the host of an anonymous, yet supportive community.

4.        Concept - Embed every day Kiwi values by offering deviant stimuli so cool it gets attention, give Harmoney a personality and though the organising idea ‘Helping Kiwi’s Help Kiwis’ make the process of topping up more fun than usual. 

5.        Creative platform - Harmoney will host a digital / mobile Couch bbq, and introduce you to its community from the comfort of your home. 

6.        Conversion - Couch bbq is the trigger to hook the customer in topping up their loan to fuel the things they love, and invest in regular engagement about their personalised needs.

Couch bbq was the clear-cut winner in the next talent category in the judges’ eyes, rating it as an original idea with a lot of Kiwi heart based on a fantastic, well thought out strategy. It inspired people to further their borrowing in online meetings and feel empowered by the brand. ‘Loved the concept, and the many facets really gave it the wow factor!’