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State Click. Pop. Win
Industry Silver - Financial Services
Chemistry Interaction
IAG New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Patrick Murphy, Susan Young, Sarah Hart, Avril Durkan, Paolo Alinea, Trudy Holland, Karen Looker, Joseph Silk
Nominee Credits
Ena Lee, Michelle Cavander, Gabrielle Markwick-Brown, Eve Whitwell, Merran Anderson, Sheena Ewing-Brown
Additional Credits
Rene Hartman
Entry Rationale
State is a founding partner of Fly Buys. The programme is vital for rewarding customers’ loyalty and incentivising the purchase of additional products.

It’s no surprise that a large percentage of the State customer base are active Fly Buys members. Which means any change to State’s points generosity has the potential to alienate a vast number of customers.

State faced a major challenge, due to a fundamental change to Fly Buys’ generosity. The earning threshold was increased from 1 point for every $20 of premium spent to 1 point for every $25 spent.

Customers would spot this immediately. Direct debit payees would see a point’s drop every month, whilst annual payers would see a significant drop at renewal. State knew this would be interpreted as a big corporate reducing customer benefits. 

IAG Group agreed some savings could be reinvested into tactical promotions, providing State the flexibility to reward behavioural triggers and avoid mass issuances to customers with low Fly Buys engagement. 

State built a strategy to proactively target engaged Fly Buys-earning customers with a ‘good news’ campaign. Click. Pop. Win reminded customers why it’s great to be with State in an effort to minimise churn.

As a result of the campaign, not only did State avoid mass customer churn, it achieved a 3% improvement in policy renewals resulting in very pleasing annual premium growth. The email base also grew by 13%.