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Q Card The More the Merrier
Industry Bronze - Financial Services, Channel Bronze - Direct Mail B2C, Channel Bronze - Direct Response (any media)
Flexi Cards
Entrant Credits
Matt Campbell, Duncan Wilson, Danny Brown, Jeremy Clarke, Naresh Makan, Liz Adams
Nominee Credits
Jacqui Hourigan, Louise Haxton, Sarah-Jayne Chamberlain
Entry Rationale

Q Card has continued a run of huge improvements year on year despite a relatively stagnant cardholder base, generating an extra $2.07 million in sales and getting another 11% of cardholders using their card versus the previous year.

The marketing strategy included maximising the critical Christmas period, recognising and playing to Christmas shopping segments, maintaining interest and momentum and tapping into on-line shopping trends.


A history of intense promotion over this period has provided some extremely valuable insights into cardholders and their shopping behaviours. Analysis has revealed two key need-states and segments to be targeted during the Christmas season:

1.      Early shoppers
They are more planned and consistent with their Christmas shopping; they start early with gift buying and move into Christmas food and drink, closer to the big day.

2.      Late Shoppers
The shopping activity for this segment peaks right before Christmas; it’s much more last minute, unpredictable and chaotic in its nature


Despite some direct and significant challenges this campaign has shown the huge resilience and power of Q Card to grab attention and be the payment of choice for Christmas shopping.

The effectiveness of the contact strategy was proven, with a mix of tactics and events, across an extended campaign period, maintaining momentum and keeping Q Card front and centre at an extremely busy and competitive time of year for marketing activity.

Each channel, message and tactic played its role, working alongside each other to drive a huge +29% uplift in spend compared to last year's Christmas campaign and the highest response rates seen for eDMs, a 37% open rate versus 30% over the same period the previous year.