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Industry Gold - Travel & Leisure, Channel Gold - Best Loyalty Programme, Channel Gold - Email Marketing, Craft Gold - Excellence in Data Strategy, Craft Gold - Excellence in Strategy, Nexus Bronze - CRM & Data Management, Nexus Bronze - Strategic Vision
New Zealand Cricket
Entrant Credits
Paul Hickey, Frane Karaman, Hidenari Nozaki, Andy Yoo, Paul Koren, Alya Venkatesh, Faisal Sheikh
Nominee Credits
Sarah Samuels, Anna Gestro, James Wear
Additional Credits
Jessica Wdowiarz, Nadia McLaren
Entry Rationale

MyBLACKCAPS collects, processes and uses extensive data on every member to personalise communications, cleverly balancing ‘what they say’ with ‘what they do’.

Profile data: not just contact details and location but preferences on cricket match types (test/ODI/T20), venues, teams, domestic cricket, women’s cricket etc., plus permissions on the various email programs offered. Data is collected at enrolment, online, and an innovative ‘progressive profiling’ system.

Engagement data: every registration and opt in. Every email open/click, every web page viewed and video watched, every login, every mobile app interaction, every form filled out. Engagement scoring systems award points for each interaction and deduct points for inactivity over time.

Purchase data: every ticket and merchandise purchase, broken down and analysed by match, venue, price point, product type and more. This is used to detect campaign success and to produce extensive insights into life time value and pricing analysis.

This data controls and personalises communications in multiple ways. Because the communications are personalised, they are more relevant. And because they are relevant, fans engage more. When they engage, they become more involved and more likely to purchase tickets. MyBLACKCAPS has proven that members who are highly engaged in these comms spend up to seven times more on tickets than those who don’t engage at all.

For the 2015/16 season, the full ticketing and content package came together. By then MyBLACKCAPS had enrolled 135k members. So New Zealand Cricket bet big on the power of its new database by staging its biggest ever summer of international cricket against Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Australia.

The program delivered, beating a record revenue target by 14%. This achievement is directly linked to the digital engagement of MyBLACKCAPS members, who accounted for 77% of total ticket revenue. MyBLACKCAPS is now a crucial asset to NZC.