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Mercury Rebrand
Channel Silver - Direct Response (any media), Channel Silver - Mobile Marketing, Industry Bronze - Communications/Utilities, Channel Bronze - Email Marketing, Craft Bronze - Excellence in Strategy
FCB New Zealand
Entrant Credits
James Mok, Fleur Head, Rufus Chuter, Tony Clewett, Jo Underdown, Trina Miller, Hannah Henderson, Mal Kuper, Nick Smith, Greg Wood, David Thomason, Kelly Lovelock, Hywel James, David Reid, Rob Banks, Scott Kelly, Anton Mason, Jenni Doubleday, Simon Pengelly, Kim Ellett, Falk Werner, Holly Eden, Nick Sadler, Mitch Wiffin, Amanda Langkilde, Tony Susi, Andrew Jackson, James McMullan, Amanda Theobald, Angela Spain, Lauren Watling, Joanna James, Laura Platts, Nicole Killip, Thomas Davies, Kate McDonald, Tammy Keegan, Deborah Chae, Mark Cameron, Helen North, Chloe Baxter, Pip Mayne, Eric Thompson, Dan Currin, Nic Pinfold, Vicki O'Leary, Ele Quigan, Alisha Dixon
Nominee Credits
Julia Jack, Ben Harvey-Lovell, Andrew Peckham, Angela Armstrong, Kellie Nathan, Elena Coubray, Linda McLeod, Sarah King, Donna Wester, Bridget Pollard, Kate Addis, Carianne Hoffman, Minnie Kaur, Kari Singh, Rachael Brough, Lance McMinn
Entry Rationale
Rarely does a team get to create something as wonderful as the new Mercury brand – especially in a category famous for conservatism and customer apathy.

NZ’s electricity retail market is consistently one of the world’s most competitive. Churn runs at 20%, and it’s hard to stand out in a crowded commodity category dominated by price and discount-based competition.

Owning a strong brand is critical.

Mercury Energy and its parent Mighty River Power were well-established, trusted brands – but were regarded as traditional and old fashioned. They wanted to modernise and create a single brand that would change people’s minds about what an energy company could be.

Changing the logo wasn’t going to cut it.

A brand to stand for something more emotive, change behaviour, and leave New Zealand a better place needed to be built. One that “inspires New Zealanders to enjoy energy in more wonderful ways”.

That’s Mercury: Energy Made Wonderful.

On 29 July, a multi-channel, multi-layered campaign was launched to establish and reinforce the new brand purpose, identity and personality, stand out from the crowd, and reinvigorate the business.

This was achieved through a range of initiatives that:

·         “Inspire” – e.bikes, electric vehicles (EVs), sponsorships

·         “Reward” – Free Power Days, Airpoints, partner deals

·         “Make It Easy” – GEM, My Account, a world-class website

Early results were extraordinary – meeting or exceeding objectives in incredibly short order:

·         Reducing churn – creating Mercury’s biggest gap vs market average since 2010

·         Increasing online traffic

·         Dramatically turning around declining customer numbers

·         Getting thousands of customers to claim a Free Power Day, and to register for Airpoints

·         Stabilising customer satisfaction

·         And boosting staff engagement.