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Member Tax Credit 2016
Industry Gold - Financial Services
Entrant Credits
Ben Goodale, Amy Watson, Stuart Hinds, Drew Ayers, Melanie Coventry, Nathalie Philippsen, Ben Cullen, Kimberley Hughes, Ivana Mihaljevich, Kelly Elcock, Justin Biddle, Ben James
Nominee Credits
Jeff Ruscoe, Eva Knox, Andrey Arestov
Entry Rationale
Dealing with customers who had come to them through the default scheme - largely uninvolved in AMP, and probably pretty confused by the rules and regulations of KiwiSaver and how to maximise it - posed a real challenge. It’s complicated, and not that interesting either!  A smart data segmentation strategy which allowed for the lag in data feeds from IRD, and a creative approach that really cut through, saw this challenge tackled head on.

Positioned around the SMP ‘Don’t miss the boat’, a lot of very functional information and actions were turned into something that sparkled and got people excited about contributing.

The creative simplified the complexity of KiwiSaver by using a mix of targeted comms that delivered customers to online smart content, and it also used a messaging strategy that empathised with the customer. Core to this messaging to low earners, for instance, was that every $1 really did count, as they’d get another 50c from the government; really it was free money!

A strong email really dialled up the message. Using dynamic HTML, the MTC boat sailed across the header waving its very clear message “don’t miss the boat on your $521.” It was eye catching and without reading any further it was a strong reminder to take action. Better yet, if you didn’t want to read a single word, a video told the story in just one minute.

It was a combination of short, action orientated messages, engaging online content and a highly personalised experience that won customers over and encouraged them to take action. 

The results stacked up, nearly doubling the success of the campaign a year earlier, delivering a very respectable response rate with a corresponding uplift in funds under management (i.e. nearly tripled average top ups), and more than doubled funds flowing into AMP.