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Made From Remains
Channel Gold - Direct Response (any media), Industry Bronze - Government/Public Sector, Nexus Bronze - Customer & Market Insight
FCB New Zealand
New Zealand Fire Service
Entrant Credits
James Mok, Tony Clewett, Kimberley Torrie, Mitchell Crowe, Jenni Doubleday, Nick Smith, Simon Pengelly, Hylda Von Dincklage, Anton Mason, Helen North, Chloe Baxter, Michelle Thomas, Pip Mayne, Jodie Hari, Amanda Langkilde, Mike Braid, Blair Walker, Hilary Barrett, Alice Franklin, Gaby Johns, Angela Spain, Joanna James, Violet Hong, Steph Pearson, Christina So, Kristy McAfee, Tony Susi, Warik Blake, Sean Keaney, Katya Frolova, Chelsea Dowling, Emilie Watts, David Thomason, Carl Sarney
Nominee Credits
Mel Weddell, Caroline Rosanowski, Lucy Ashby, Craig Pearce, Caroline Robertson, Todd O'Donoghue, Glenn Menzies, Robert Watson, Peter Fox, Phil Soal, Craig Chambers, Mike Finucane
Additional Credits
Craig Matushka, Dan Nathan, Mike Fairweather
Entry Rationale
Each year there are around 2,500 serious house fires. It can happen to anyone, and when it happens, it happens fast – most house fires become unsurvivable within five minutes.

A working smoke alarm gives you an early alert, and helps get you out alive. Trouble is, people tend to think they’re safe because they have smoke alarms, but left unchecked, these alarms could be out of date, or out of batteries.

‘The Day of Influence’

This is how it was billed by NewsWorks “conceived to demonstrate the impact of reaching and influencing a large audience across news media brands in one day.”

$300,000 of media space. On one day. Awarded to the idea NewsWorks believed would most likely achieve a big result on that day.

NZ Fire Service, like any government agency, would love to do more if they could. But there is only ever so much budget available. They came out ahead of many other advertisers, winning the chance to take this unique opportunity to boost the number of people checking that their smoke alarms are working.

News media lends itself to telling a story. And boy was there a story to tell. Hard-hitting photography of people standing inside the remains of their homes that had been destroyed by fire was used to capture attention. Personal stories were especially relevant to each region, e.g. readers in Hawkes Bay learned about what a local family lost when their Taradale home caught fire.

The copy then revealed that the double page was actually printed with ink containing ash from the remains of real households burned by fire.

Did the Fire Service prove they were deserving of the free advertising?

Indeed they did! This surprising use of print media created mass behaviour-change in just one day.

  • 70% of those surveyed, checked their smoke alarms that day
  • Thousands bought new smoke alarms