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It’s All About the Points. Using, Not losing
Channel Bronze - Other - B2C
Loyalty New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Ben Goodale, Amy Watson, Stuart Hinds, Drew Ayers, Georgie Butler, Kelly Elcock, Justin Biddle
Nominee Credits
Will Innes, Michael Loh, Lauren Chalmers
Entry Rationale

The Points Expiry email was already in place when it was decided to review the strategy and creative in 2015. From the results and insights gained, it was obvious there were some smart changes that could be made to increase engagement and amplify redemption through the email. Lifecycle communications are kept as relevant and targeted as possible, Points Expiry being no exception. The strategy was to make the email simple to read, digestible and easy to action (in the form of redemption).

With an increasing amount of competition and pressure from the New Zealand loyalty market, it was a natural point to review their approach – test, learn and apply learnings to improve the already successful business and campaign objectives through member interactions, and of course increased redemption as a direct consequence of the communication. Since the new email started going out, an additional 1,000,000 points are being redeemed per month – this means the campaign is now achieving 25% more redemption from when it was first in market in 2013.

Over 105,000 members received this email per month, with a 9% redemption rate which equates to an average of 9,450 members redeeming every month (who might have otherwise seen their points expire). Additionally, members were communicated with during every month they had points due to expire, giving them ample opportunity to redeem. 

The communication has also provided an opportunity for the true value of the Fly Buys programme to be reinforced - Earn points, spend points!