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Little Kitchen
Industry Silver - Retail, Channel Silver - Social Media & Viral, Craft Silver - Excellence in Creative
Colenso BBDO / Proximity New Zealand
New World
Entrant Credits
Nick Worthington, Steve Cochran, Beth O'Brien, Oriel Davis-Lyons, Kat Sliper, Scott Chapman, Paul Courtney, Mike Hammond
Nominee Credits
Steve Bayliss, Stephanie Pyne, Jules Lloyd-Jones
Additional Credits
Tom Viney, Hopi Allard, FCB Media - Media Agency
Entry Rationale
As New World entered its third year of the collectible program, following the same formula as the previous two years would be likely to put them in danger of ‘wear-out’, but simply to turn to category formulas would be a disaster.

No, the smarter thing to do would be giving our own successful property, New World’s Little Shop, a grander purpose that encouraged consumers to positively reappraise the role of collectibles.

The New Approach:

Supermarkets are well known for using recipes in marketing. But usually for lasagne or meatballs, not for clouds that smell like banana, glow in the dark jelly or Vitamin C you absorb through your eyeballs.

Introducing New World’s Little Kitchen webisodes - featuring fun and wacky kitchen experiments that mashed cooking with science; where ordinary routines in kitchens were transformed into extraordinary experiences for both children and parents. 

This approach achieved record sales uplifts for New World and proved that the category-norm advertising approach isn’t always best.

Success measures:

·         Not only were sales targets exceeded by 80%, and market share increased in one of the most notoriously competitive and price-driven category, the programme also drove engagement with New World’s brand.

·         Engagement in the form of the experiments (which were viewed 880,000 times in a country with only 890,000 children), and UGC that was viewed an additional 250,000 times, but also emotive and genuine feedback from consumers around their appreciation of the programme.

 The experiences parents had with their kids were the most important part of the campaign, and it was rewarding to see parents and teachers sharing those experiences online.