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It All Started Here
Industry Silver - Travel & Leisure, Nexus Silver - Strategic Vision
Rainger & Rolfe
SKYCITY Auckland
Entrant Credits
Adair Rattray
Nominee Credits
Fiona Stewart, Josh Taylor-Fan
Entry Rationale
Home to the greatest view of Auckland, SKYCITY had no view of its customers. 

How do you get a handle on the comings and goings of the populous of a mini city?  

How do you get smart about delighting a huge and varied array of Entertainment Seekers? 

At SKYCITY ‘It all starts here’ and that couldn’t be more true for their Premier Rewards loyalty programme. At the home of entertainment, they needed to get the house in order. 

 This is a story about a hardworking and visionary strategy; about designing and building an intelligent direct marketing ecosystem to test processes, offers, mechanics and models.  

Their great plan has already paid itself back many times over. More importantly, this robust, long-term platform has set them up for years of incrementally more successful, profitable and delightful relationships with their fun-loving customers. 

 It all started with: A single customer view. 

 Gaining that clear view has given them: 

a) Insightful and actionable segmentation
b) Increased visits, card swipes and spend site-wide 
c) An automated onboarding programme 
d) A sophisticated retention platform (worth projected incremental revenue of $54m)
e) Efficiency savings worth $3m
f) Visibility and knowledge. Priceless.

This is an ‘it all starts here’ strategy. A detailed roadmap has been created for the next three years of direct marketing at SKYCITY – and one that gives them a significant competitive advantage.