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GMI – Private Portfolio Service
Industry Bronze - Financial Services
Done by Friday
Gareth Morgan Investments
Entrant Credits
Boyd Wason, Sonia Slattery, Scott Wheeler, Susanne Johnson, Dani Lydamore
Nominee Credits
Joe Bishop, Alan Sharpe, Gemma McDivitt
Entry Rationale

GMI’s inbound marketing journey began with an initial campaign to attract, identify and convert traditionally hard to find, high net worth leads into customers. The campaign featured a premium, downloadable eGuide attracting leads at the beginning of their purchase process. Leads were nurtured via an intelligent email programme run on an equally intelligent marketing automation platform. The content was promoted through an intensive programme of blogging, social media and a small native paid media campaign.

Given the difficult regulatory environment, the team encountered numerous challenges from stakeholders concerned about the risks associated with the approach. They successfully managed each challenge to ensure that results were not compromised.

In fact, the results were so good the sales team asked for promotion of the content to be paused so they could manage a back-log of leads. Today, as this content is always on, running organically and producing leads with no additional investment, the sales team continue to convert a steady flow of leads into sales from this content.

The brave and innovative strategy used in an industry that typically relies on more traditional approaches resulted in every KPI being surpassed, generating an extremely impressive ROI.