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GMI - Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver - Future You
Industry Gold
Done by Friday
Gareth Morgan Investments
Entrant Credits
Boyd Wason, Sonia Slattery, Scott Wheeler, Susanne Johnson, Mark Laurence, Dani Lydamore
Nominee Credits
Joe Bishop, Alan Sharpe, Gemma McDivitt, Bekki Pope, Tim Howell, Megan Huddleston
Entry Rationale
Most Kiwis don’t know a lot about their KiwiSaver investment. They’re confused about who their provider is, what fund type they’re in – and scarily, how much money they’ll have when the time comes to retire.

Armed with these insights and an innovative persona-led inbound marketing strategy, the agency and client team turned what was traditionally a ‘one hit wonder’ TV campaign into an ‘Always On’ programme of lead generation for the Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver scheme.

The concept: “How much will the ‘future you’ really have to live on?” shaped creative for the campaign. Using a combination of ATL media to drive traffic to premium digital content, inbound marketing methodology to convert traffic to leads, then a sophisticated email nurture programme to educate, build trust and convert leads to MQL, the programme has driven bottom-line results never seen before in this industry.

·         Visits were 25% over of target

·         Leads were 85.8% over of target

·         Customers were 97.8% over of target

The programme continues to run as an always on approach, with new premium content constantly being developed and added to the nurture programme (independent of ATL activity). Social, blogging and a small amount of paid media ensures there is a constant drip feed of leads entering the nurture flows and converting valuable leads to Kiwi Wealth members.