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GMI - Always On Inbound Marketing
Channel Gold - CRM Multi-Channel, Craft Gold - Excellence in Strategy, Nexus Gold - CRM & Data Management, Nexus Silver - Media and/or Channel Utilisation, Strategic Vision
Done by Friday
Gareth Morgan Investments
Entrant Credits
Boyd Wason, Sonia Slattery, Scott Wheeler, Susanne Johnson, Mark Laurence, Dani Lydamore
Nominee Credits
Joe Bishop, Alan Sharpe, Gemma McDivitt, Bekki Pope, Tim Howell, Megan Huddleston
Entry Rationale

A new always on, data-driven, inbound marketing approach has revolutionised marketing for NZ Post-owned wealth management company, GMI.

Previously using a traditional, outbound strategy to market its Private Portfolio wealth management service, the business was struggling to generate good quality leads from its website and wasn’t effectively leveraging its database of existing clients.

A better way to get its message to the right audiences and leverage the wealth of data that was hidden within complex, highly bespoke legacy systems was clearly needed.

Firstly, a new approach to marketing saw the company adopt a 100% ‘always on’ inbound marketing philosophy off the success of the first, stand-alone campaign.

The business proceeded to embed enterprise-level, cloud based marketing automation technology into the business. Critically, this kicked off a learning and discovery journey that saw the business move from legacy, technology silos to full CRM and marketing automation integration within nine months of the first campaign going live. 

The result has seen the creation of an exceptional, integrated, always on marketing programme that allows the business to acquire new customers, unlock dormant leads sitting within the legacy system and – most importantly – have a single view of every prospect, lead and customer who engages with programme content, allowing new content offers to be intelligently served up, based on what is known about every contact and their prior interactions. This platform, combined with smart thinking, has enabled the creation of a sophisticated multi-persona, cross business continual lead nurture programme that also spans multiple digital and offline channels.

This campaign drove a massive 3,874% increase in leads. In fact, it performed so well, that after the initial three-month campaign period, all promotional activity was paused due to the influx of leads. Today the content remains in-market where it continues to organically produce leads for the business. GMI was so impressed with the success of the first campaign, they adopted Inbound Marketing as ‘the way of the future’.