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Fly Buys Local Reactivation
Channel Gold - Direct Mail B2C
Loyalty New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Jennifer Wilkinson, Ben Lewis, Chase Voss, Mathew Paton
Entry Rationale
The Fly Buys Local Reactivation strategy was designed to maximise the power of the Fly Buys coalition.  The hypothesis was that the engagement of a group of low-activity members could be raised by making a generous Fly Buys points offer to them, from not one but seven local Fly Buys participants. Members earned triple Fly Buys points on spend, plus an entry into a ‘cherry on top’ competition every time their card was swiped. The creative centred on a map of their town and pinpointed the location of each Fly Buys participant, making it easy to see where to shop and earn points.  Direct mail was chosen to ensure longevity and cut-through and to create a premium feel to help re-engage with members. To further increase the value of the DM piece, a fridge-magnet shopping list magnet branded with each of the participating merchants was included.

A significant piece of data analytics enabled the campaign:

  • determining the Fly Buys merchant penetration across every town in New Zealand
  • then calculating the engagement and activity score of every Fly Buys member in those towns, using
    • Recency – the last revisit period
    • Breadth – the number of participants visited
    • Frequency – the number of revisits
  • selected members with a preference for direct mail
  • finally added distance rules, i.e. member’s proximity to the centre of town

The superb results of this pilot led to the programme being rolled out on a quarterly basis. Of the 9,998 members targeted in the pilot period, 4,118 (41%) shopped at one of the seven retailers during the promotional period, and 788 (7.8%) shopped at a retailer they had never visited before (i.e. swiped their Fly Buys card at). The $ value of the new shopper spend alone was $117,949.00, a 5x return on the investment of $24,000.