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First Year Welcome
Industry Bronze - Financial Services
Colenso BBDO / Proximity New Zealand
Bank of New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Nick Worthington, Wayne Pick, Kim Pick, Kristal Knight, Rachel Macklin, Darryl Wong, Dave Wilson Dov Tombs, Geoffrey Joe, Robbie Boyd
Nominee Credits
Justine Fairlie, Lydia Jeevaratnam, Rob Orr, Summer Hamilton
Entry Rationale

In the highly competitive world of Financial Services, acquiring new customers is often only the first step to creating viable revenue streams.

The real challenge is ensuring new customers use their transaction accounts as their main accounts. If they do, the banks not only see enhanced revenue earning potential through daily behaviours (i.e. EFTPOS) and the ability to increase the number of products customers hold, but they also mitigate against potential defections.

So rather than focus on new customer volumes, BNZ wanted to make sure that those arriving were fully activated with BNZ as their main bank. Their historic activity to drive highly active customers was becoming generic and wasn’t tailored to each individual customer. So, sleeves were rolled up to create a highly unique, personalised and relevant “Welcome” experience.

It was delivered through a dynamic web experience presenting visitors with a tailored set of content modules. The content encouraged full activation of the customer’s transaction accounts, and analysed customer data to offer relevant product options and encourage further take-up, not in a ‘sales’ tone but through BNZ’s brand platform “Be Good With Money”.

So rather than deliver a generic flyer or hand-out for their welcome, customers were given their very own website. To date thousands of these exclusive websites have been created.

As a result of the data-driven and personal experience, there were huge uplifts in customers registered and active with the bank, which in turn will deliver ongoing incremental revenue gains in the millions.