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Fashion As It Should Be
Industry Silver - Retail
Ziera Shoes
Entrant Credits
Paul Manning, Craig Whitehead, Chris Long, Rachel Aikin, Therese Bielawa, Craig Murray, Jess Drysdale, Kate Syms, Amy-Rose Lynch, Simon Wharton, Melissa Turkington, Josh Todd, Miller Yule
Nominee Credits
Nicky Dunn, Harriett Butler, Liz McAndrew
Additional Credits
Richard McCrae
Entry Rationale
In 2015, women’s footwear brand Ziera was losing customers, and relevance.  

Their comfort heritage had made them famous. But to drive sales growth they needed to appeal to a new audience segment, the style conscious.

To attract their attention, a provocative campaign designed to spark a debate was created, asking ‘why should women be fashion victims, torturing themselves with uncomfortable shoes, when Ziera provided the perfect alternative’? Their new range featured on-trend shoes that felt as great as they looked – this was truly ‘Fashion As It Should Be’.  

The campaign was spearheaded by attention-grabbing video content that highlighted the craziness of current fashion in a cheeky, confrontational way. The approach was specifically designed to make an impact on social networks. 

 Some lofty targets were set off the back of the activity, including achieving a 25% increase in sales revenue in the Ziera ‘fashion’ category and 300k+ people engaging with the Ziera brand online. 

Ultimately the campaign clearly struck a chord with women, leading directly to impressive sales boosts during the Autumn / Winter season, that eclipsed the commercial objectives set at the outset.

Despite a tight budget, over two million views were attracted online, plus attracted the attention of the media, with a story devoted to the clip, on TVNZ’s Breakfast Show. 

 The results of the ‘Fashion As It Should Be Campaign’ were quite simply outstanding. 

Attracting new fans both to the brand and through the loyalty club, most importantly Ziera was repositioned as a smart, empowering choice for women. Finally, they had an option that allowed them to look fashionable without having to make sacrifices.