Farmlands – Offering Our Shareholders More
Farmlands – Offering Our Shareholders More
Channel Silver – CRM Multi-Channel
Entrant Credits
Ben Goodale, Amy Watson, Stuart Hinds, Drew Ayers, Georgie Butler, Paula Castle, Kelly Elcock, Justin Biddle, Ben James
Nominee Credits
Jess Strange, Georgie McLaughlin, Debbie Bellis
Entry Rationale
Farmlands is committed to reducing farmers’ costs on-farm. There are numerous ways in which Farmlands delivers this promise back to shareholders. One example is through Farmlands Card, where a number of strategic Card Partner relationships has allowed Farmlands to negotiate special offers/pricing for shareholders.

Discount solutions have been offered historically for electricity, telco and insurance, with varying levels of uptake.  Whilst they are not top of mind, day-to-day expenses for farmers, they are all significant costs and crucial to the operation of the farm/business.

Facing aggressive competition within the sector, as well as the general market, and needing to demonstrate shareholder value, Farmlands undertook a revamp of its approach to marketing utility type services and trialled this with Meridian Energy.  The results were encouraging, providing confidence to develop two similar partnership campaigns to run over 12 months for Spark and Genesis Energy.

A key challenge was that these offers might be made to previous rejectors.  And - in the case of energy - on the back of a recent competitor offer that had been well received.  

The comms approach was revamped with a multi-channel strategy mainly leveraging owned channels, and thorough analysis undertaken of the most effective messaging and the selection of the target audience for the 1-1 aspect. 

This approach smashed the targets, with average eDM open rates of over 40% and a lead conversion average of 92% delivering well above objectives and wildly beyond the business expectations, paving the way for more in this style.